Ubuntu Tasklist

Current setup

We optimistically moved most of our systems to Ubuntu and then realized most of what we wanted doesn't work out-of-the-box in Ubuntu. Now we have reverted all but 2 PCs to run Windows. We have no PCs on dual boot and don't intend to.

Windows Ubuntu
Lab (BPO) 7 1
e-learning (video conf.) 1 0
non-formal learning center 1 1
hospital (tele-medicine) 1 0

To do

To start with, get 2 to 4 PCs running ubuntu to get working with some of the following:

  • Install applications:
    • Skype
    • Audio / Video (Roop suggests: Rhythmbox, VLC Player - and make sure the drivers work)
    • Typing training software (Roop suggests: Maybe TypingMaster running over Wine?)
    • Tamil typing software
    • Game software for children (Roop suggests: Pull from Edubuntu packages? Marble.)
    • Thunderbird
  • Networking: Connect PCs so that they can share:
      • internet connection
      • a shared storage location in probably one of the PCs
      • 2 printers
      • 1 external hard drive
      • 1 external dvd drive
  • Training:
    • Help some of the staff with basic stuff on how to use the OS / software